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Customised Piano Tuning & Services

by Nada Jasz

Take your music to a new level

in Melbourne

Returning service to the  A.C.T. - Sydney & Illawarra, when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

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"I'll do what it takes to give you the best piano playing experience possible."
Professional Musicians

Performances and recordings mean precision piano tuning and stability is essential. Professionals  want maximum control in the action with the ability to achieve a wide dynamic range to give your best performance ever.

Schools & Students

Schools have extra requirements along with piano tuning and maintenance. -Managing the expectations of staff and students. -Compliance with health and safety regulations. -Documentation & valuations.

Home Pianos

Sometimes it's a repair, a sticking note, or just your annual piano tuning. Your home piano may not have been serviced for many years. I look after each home piano according to your requirements and budget..

Tell me about your piano  0414 343 034

  • Tuning
  • Repairs
  • Voicing
  • Regulation (servicing)
  • Inspections & Valuations
  • Restoration
  • Buying or selling

If your piano is in Melbourne, the A.C.T. Sydney or the Illawarra, and you're not sure what your piano needs... book a time for an extended chat on the phone or via zoom when I can give you my undivided attention.

Some of the piano brands that are my speciality - learning from the best technicians and over 20 years of experience
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