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Celebrating Mozart with the ACO

The Australian Chamber Orchestra with Dejan Lazic  – Hamer Hall Melbourne Sunday 8th September, 2019. On the drive into Melbourne on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I was looking forward to hearing the Australian Chamber Orchestra once again. Meeting up with some of Theme & Variations music-loving clients was going to

Is it a vintage piano or just an old one?

Let’s face it, vintage is in vogue. We are loving it. Vintage cars, vintage hairdos, vintage bikes. We love the style, the romance, the charm. It makes sense that we would want to go vintage with our piano. There is so much character to older pianos and you can almost imagine

How Often Should I Tune my Piano?

Mostly you’ll be told once a year. Why? There are a number of factors that cause your piano to go “out of tune”. Most of these are variable, but there is one overriding factor that is quite amazing: tension. All piano strings are pulled to a very high tension. The

Piano Tuning & Repairs

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