I offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? I can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.

brown white and beige upright piano


Tuning of uprights and grand pianos, all makes and models. For concert pianists, beginners, and anyone in between. Yamaha accredited technician for Premium Care Vouchers.


Repairs of anything from sticking notes or broken strings to case damage. Insurance quotes and repair work for water damage or moving damage.

girl in gray and pink jacket playing piano


Why not bring an older piano back to its former glory? Restorations are lovingly undertaken. We carefully preserve the integrity of the manufacturer and the personal history of each instrument.

black and white piano keys


Are you looking to buy, sell, or restore? A Piano valuation looks at the condition of your piano, current market value, replacement value, and a quote for work that can improve the value of your piano.

hands sitting music piano


Would you like to improve the feel or the tone of your piano? Regulation can transform your piano. You’ll love the results.


Internal and external cleaning and removal of debris from pests and moths. Learn how to keep your piano free of germs and safe for all players.
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