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Piano Tuning

 My goal is to give you the most accurate, longest-lasting tuning possible.

We can work together to get the best results.

The more you can tell me about how you use your piano, the better I can help you.

What sort of playing are you doing? How often? Are you recording?
What sort of environment is the piano in?

When was your piano tuned last?

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Tuning FAQs
Why does my piano need tuning?
Your piano is designed to sound its best when it is kept at a specific tension. It's especially important for you if you want to play with recordings, with other instruments or use YouTube tutorials.  Every time you play your piano, you're training your musical memory or "your ear" (just like muscle memory at the gym). If you want to develop a "good ear", you want to be training it correctly on a piano that's in tune.
What is Concert Pitch?
Concert pitch is just a standard, that means we are all hearing the same sound when we play the same note. It is measurable as sound waves moving through the air and the measurements is Hertz. Concert pitch is set a A=440Hz. Most pianos are designed to be maintained at concert pitch.
What's involved with a piano tuning?
Piano tuning is a series of precise adjustments that balance the tensions of the piano. It requires specialised tools and training that combine listening and physical skills. Experience certainly counts.
How long will it take?
A piano tuning usually takes an hour, but allow some extra time if it's been a long time since it's been tuned or serviced.
What can go wrong?

Older pianos can be prone to string breakage because the piano wire becomes brittle with age. As a piano technician, I always discuss this with the customer before we begin a tuning.

Sometimes with older pianos, the tuning pins may not hold well. There's no definite age where this happens. Each piano is different.

How often should I tune my piano?
Your usage patterns, environmental factors and the piano's design and age effect how often your piano will need tuning. Check out my rough guide table:
Can you tune my piano on the weekend or after hours?
Yes. Give me a call or shoot me an email and we can organise a time that works.
Book a Tuning
Booking a tuning online is easy, just choose your area and have a look at available times. Alternatively you can call me or text on 0414 343 034, or email nada@pianocare.com.au
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