Piano Tuning

The goal is always a perfectly tuned piano and the best result for you. Each piano and situation is different. Here are some of the things customers tell me they need.

Music Professionals

Performances and recordings mean precision piano tuning and stability are essential. Professionals want maximum control in the action (a mechanism). And the capability to achieve a wide dynamic range to give your best performance ever. nada@pianocare.com.au

Schools and Students

Schools have extra requirements along with piano tuning and maintenance. I can help with managing the expectations of staff and students, compliance with health and safety regulations, documentation & valuations. Email me at nada@pianocare.com.au

photo of toddler playing piano

Home Pianos

Sometimes it’s a repair, a sticking note, or just your annual piano tuning. Your home piano may not have been serviced for many years. I look after each home piano according to your requirements and budget. Let me know what You need. nada@pianocare.com.au

Here is a great video produced by the ABC about the process of Piano Tuning. The Technician doing the explaining is Ara Vartoukian of Theme and Variations. Enjoy.

In the above video Ara talks about equal temperament. Here is a short and succinct scientific explanation of why piano tuning is an Art.

The Art of Tuning a Piano

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