Piano Tuning

Concert Tuning,  Tuning in homes, schools, venues, hotels, clubs, private teaching studios, recording studios.

Piano Repairs

If a repair can be made at a tuning visit, it can sometimes be included in the tuning cost. If there are replacement parts required, I can give you a quote and you can decide if you want to proceed. It’s usually not possible to quote for a repair over the phone without inspecting the piano. Sticking notes for instance can have a variety of causes and the piano needs to be inspected to determine which cause and repair solution is the right one.

Piano Inspections & Valuations

There are a number of reasons for piano inspections – prospective purchases, deceased estates, damage and insurance quotes and quotes for restorations. I believe all of these require a valuation to determine which course of action is the right one for you.

Piano Restorations

Pianos can be restored to different levels according to you requirements and budget. We can discuss restoration at an inspection of your piano

Voicing: What is voicing? How to know if your piano needs voicing.

Regulation: What is regulation?

Restorations: 100 year old piano, 50 year old piano, Steampunk piano

Inspections: How booking an inspection could save you money. Is it a vintage piano or just an old one?

Valuations & quotes: The value of a valuation.